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iTaggz.com is a FREE OpenID enabled social bookmark manager. The concept is similar to that of del.icio.us and netvous.com, however, all of your bookmarks are anonymous within the community. Looking for a better bookmark manager? Join the Web2.0 revolution and try iTaggz.com, a truly better way to bookmark.

What is iTaggz.com?

iTaggz.com is a new, FREE online bookmark manager that allows you to:

  • Bookmark your favorite websites online in one central, secure, and private location
  • Access your favorite websites from home or the office - in other words, any computer with Internet access
  • Label or Tag your favorite websites using keywords that mean something to you

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Who is iTaggz.com for?

iTaggz.com is for anyone who:

  • surfs the Internet and bookmarks websites.
  • likes the idea of storing their bookmarks online but still want some level of control over their privacy
  • prefers to view content bookmarked humans, not robots
  • is frustrated with current browser bookmark capabilities

To see how the site works, please review our tutorial.

Want to know more? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).